National PMTT Event Rules

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  1. All contestants must be current PMTT members of at least 18 years of age OR fish with a parent or legal guardian.
  2. The entry fee will be $600.00 per Team, per Event. Trail Event entry fee is $1,800 or a $100 per subsequent event ($300) total nonrefundable deposit. The balance of each Event Entry Fee ($500.00) will be DUE NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS before said event. However, full entry fees ($600.00) per Team, per Event will be accepted until 1 week before said event. Failure to forward Event Balance Due in a timely manner will result in either FORFEITURE OF DEPOSIT for that Trail Event or loss of existing starting position and your team will start at the end of the tournament field for each day of the event. If there is a forfeiture of deposit, the resulting Trail Event opening will then be offered to the next Team eligible on the waiting list. Should you be unable to attend an Event, your prepaid entry fee will be returned (less deposit) if we are able to fill that Event. No entry will be accepted later than 1 week (Saturday) before said event, unless approved by the PMTT. ALL BALANCES THAT ARE DUE & IT IS PAST THE 30 DAYS, MUST BE PAID WITH A CREDIT CARD OR CASH.
  3. A Team shall consist of one (1) or two (2) persons and there may be no more than one (1) team per boat. Contestants fishing alone on the team’s behalf shall be considered as a "Team" by payment of a full team entry. All points accumulated while fishing alone on the team’s behalf will be counted toward the Team’s point total for the year. If a contestant fishes in more than one event and has multiple partners along the way, he will receive one-half of the total points accumulated with a partner and all of the points for any event fished alone. If said contestant qualifies for the Invitational Championship he must fish it alone.
  4. There shall be no refunds of PMTT Event entry fees unless the following conditions are met: a.Sufficient prior notice must be given by the prepaid Team of their inability to attend said Event which shall allow Tournament Officials a chance to fill their spot, AND; b. Said Team’s place can be filled, which means that the Event field, one hundred twenty-five (125) paid Teams, shall be filled prior to the entry deadline date of one week (Saturday) before the said event.Tournament Officials will make every attempt to refill the vacated spot, including, but not limited to, contacting persons on the PMTT waiting list.
  5. PMTT Officials have the right, for valid reason, to reject any Team entry.
  6. Starting positions will be determined as follows: a. All teams wanting to fish the entire trail (3 qualifying events) that send their entry before February 16th will be placed in a drawing for start-ing positions. This will be your starting position for the first day for each of the qualifying events. For the trail teams that send in and make the February 16th drawing, on day two of each of the three qualifying events the starting positions shall be reversed. b. All other entries received that are not fishing all three of the qualifying events, regardless of the number of events they fish, will be drawn next. This will be your starting position for day one of the qualifying events. On day two of each event, non-trial teams and all teams that entered after the drawing, will also have their starting positions reversed and remain after the trial teams. c. All entries received after the February 17th, 2020 drawing will acquire the next available starting position on a first-come-first-serve basis by the date received. Yes, these teams will likely have a different position at each of the qualifying events in which they compete.
  7. TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION shall take place on the Friday immediately preceding the scheduled tournament Event, at a location to be specified by PMTT Officials, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. sharp. A MANDATORY PRE-TOURNAMENT RULES MEETING, will follow registration, and shall commence at 5 p.m. sharp! ALL CONTESTANTS MUST REGISTER IN PERSON BEFORE 5p.m. - I.D. REQUIRED. If, for compelling reason, as determined by PMTT Officials, a Team is unable to attend this meeting, that Team may still be allowed to participate in the tournament, providing that Team has given advance notice of at least two (2) days before said meeting, and have received approval from PMTT Officials AND AFTER that Team has had a thorough briefing of the Rules by PMTT Officials at a time and place to be determined by them, which may include AFTER THE START of the tournament day. Each contestant must sign a WAIVER/ENTRY FORM before fishing any PMTT event.
  8. Tournament Central, and any other places designated by Tournament Officials, shall be used as the starting area, and/or for other purposes as determined by Tournament Officials for each Event day.
  9. All Teams participating in any PMTT, Ltd. Tournament Trail Event MUST allow daily inspection of their boat. All tournament boats MUST pass boat and livewell inspection at Tournament Central, or alternate starting points as may be designated by Tournament Officials, to the satisfaction of Tournament Officials, immediately before their starting position number is released to start the tournament day. Assigned starting number stickers provided by PMTT MUST be placed on both sides of the outboard motor cowling or as specified by PMTT Officials for inboard motor boats in a manner that shall allow it to be seen from a distance at all times. These items must remain in place throughout the tournament. Failure to comply could result in disqualification and forfeiture of that Event’s entry fee. It is the Team’s responsibility, after passing inspection each day, to CONFIRM with Tournament Officials that their Team number has been marked ap-proved on the Official tournament registry.
  10. Tournament hours shall be 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday. There shall be no fishing of any kind before the start of day one and between the end of day one and the start of day two at each tournament. Tournament Officials reserve the right to alter daily start and finish times, and if necessary, alter or cancel dates of each Event day, due to severe weather conditions and any unforeseen circumstances.
  11. Late Penalties. Any team that is late shall receive the following point deductions, which shall count against their point totals for that tournament and their point totals for the year. Late minus - 5 points. 1 up to 5 minutes late minus - 10 points. 6 up to 10 minutes late minus -20 points. 10 minutes late or more - lose all points for the day. If no points were accumulated that day, 5 points shall be deducted from that event. Take off. Any team that arrives late, after the last contestant boat leaves, can be disqualified for that day.
  12. Tournament boundaries shall be specified by PMTT Officials at the Mandatory pre tournament Rules meeting.
  13. For safety purposes ONLY all teams must have a marine band radio and/or a cell phone on board to participate in an event. (Marine band radios are recommended as cellular service is not available in many areas.)
  14. There shall be NO ALCOHOL consumed by Tournament Anglers immediately before, during or immediately after each tournament day.
  15. All fishing and boating rules, regulations and licensing in effect in the State where the Event is being held shall apply and be adhered to by all Event participants. It is the contestants responsibility to know the rules and regulations of the State and body of water they are fishing.
  16. Only one (1) fishing line AND one (1) lure per contestant is allowed in the water at any one time, or 2 lines with 1 lure each per team if allowed by law on that body of water, (for someone fishing alone as a team). This includes NO Alabama/umbrella rigs.
  17. Neither live nor dead natural bait shall be permitted.
  18. During tournament hours contestants MUST NOT leave the boat without checking out with Tournament Officials at Tournament Central or designated checkpoints. Contestants must not at any time place their boat on shore, except in inclement weather for safety, or for special "site" circumstances, which shall be announced by Tournament Officials at the pre tournament Rules meeting. Contestants must not, except under pre-announced special circumstances, position their boat or fish within one hundred (100) feet of another boat of any kind. Permitted exceptions would be Judge, Film or Press boats.
  19. Motor trolling shall be allowed where law permits motor trolling, and row trolling may be used at any time. Contestants using such methods shall maintain a minimum distance of one hundred (100) feet from all other boats AND shall not follow a trolling path that will cause them to pass by a boat of casting anglers closer than two hundred (200) feet. If a caster can reach any trolling boat with a cast, the trolling boat’s path is too close. Conversely, contestants that are employing casting techniques may not motor in and cut off some fellow contestants’ trolling paths closer than three hundred (300) feet. Consideration of your fellow contestant shall contribute to the professionalism of the Professional Musky Tournament Trail.
  20. CHEATING: Should any contestant be caught cheating, it shall result in immediate disqualification of the Team AND forfeiture of Event entry fee. Further, the Team shall be barred from the Professional Musky Tournament Trail.We EXPECT and DEMAND STRICT RULES AND COMPLIANCE in the interest of fairness, professionalism and the sport!
  21. When running big motors above trolling speed, all contestants must wear Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and use the appropriate motor kill switches. All tournament boats must have all the Coast Guard required safety equipment.
  22. The awards presentation shall, at a place designated by tournament officials, begin between the times of 3:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Sunday (time will be set at Friday night’s rules meeting). Prize awards shall be divided among team members. Places will be determined based on the combined team total points accumulation of all tournament qualifying fish, as spelled elsewhere in these rules, for both days of the tournament event.
  23. All PMTT events that have less than a full field of 125 paid teams competing shall have the payouts adjusted downwards based on a percentage figure determined by the actual number of participating teams. Up to 5 extra teams will be allowed to show up and participate in any of the qualifying events, if said event has a full field, to help compensate for no-shows. The extra money will be divided equally among the top 10 placing teams.
  24. Failure of any team to comply with any tournament rule may result in team disqualification and forfeiture of the event entry fee and a review by Professional Musky Tournament Trail, LTD. Officials as to whether or not the team involved shall be allowed to participate in future PMTT events.
  25. Contestants shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanship-like manner at all times, especially when fishing near another boat or contestants.
  26. No spotter or guide boats during tournament hours.
  27. No communicating with other anglers boats during tournament hours. This includes all forms of communication, texting, phone call, radios, etc.
  28. All PMTT contestants/anglers may be subject to a polygraph examination, the results or refusal of which can result in all entry fees and prizes being delayed, revoked or forfeited.
  29. All contestants shall cooperate with members of the press after tournament events for inter-views and photographs, and with Professional Musky Tournament Trail, LTD. for use of names and photographs that may be used for publicity and advertising purposes.
  30. All rules potentially have "loopholes". It is the intention of the Professional Musky Tournament Trail, LTD. to conduct a fair, honest and professional tournament trail. "Common sense" and "spirit of the rule" shall apply at all times. Should any contestants have any questions about these written rules, those questions should be resolved with Tournament Officials BEFORE the start of any event.
  31. All decisions of the Professional Musky Tournament Trail, LTD. Officials shall be final. PLEASE NOTE: At the time of this release, all rules displayed here are considered accurate, but the Professional Musky Tournament Trail, LTD., reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. For the latest printed version of our rules please feel free to contact us. Again, it is each contestant’s responsibility to read and understand all of the currently-printed PMTT rules and regulations. The printed copy of our rules will always be considered the OFFICIAL RULES of the Professional Musky Tournament Trail, LTD. and will supersede all other versions including the rules displayed here.​


Every PMTT tournament will be a Catch, Photo & Release (CPR) tournament. Every tournament boat MUST have a digital device/camera capable of taking a clear photo operated by the contestants that catch the musky and MUST have an actual bump board (NOT A RULER OR MEASURING STICK), so your fish can be immediately released after the photo is taken, without delay. The digital device/camera should have the ability to text the images taken to the tournament director. In the event the angler does not the ability to text the image, then they must have a digital camera with the ability to record the images to a removable SD memory card which must be handed in to the tournament official at checkout each day. All anglers must voluntarily submit all digital devices used for photos and or texting any tournament registered fish to the tournament director upon request. All fish photos and texts submitted during a tournament may not be deleted from the devise used to take and submit the them until the day after the final day of the tournament. Failure to comply will result in any entry fees and prizes being delayed, forfeited or revoked.

As soon as you catch a fish and right after you have released the fish, you must call for a PMTT official, either by cell phone or designated channel (10) on the marine band radio. Make sure you can see that the nose is touching the front of the board and that the tail & PMTT issued sticker for that tournament is in clear view. If the PMTT official cannot clearly read the measurement or sticker, they will make their best determination and that decision will be the final measurement. The fish may not count - if the official cannot see the picture at all, the sticker, the fishes nose appears to not be touching the front of the board and the measurement is close or there is no picture at all.

The PMTT officials must be able to clearly read the measurement. Check your digital device/camera to make sure you can clearly see the measurement. Release the fish after photographing it clearly with the device/camera on the bump board. The safe release of all fish is of utmost importance. The angler will immediately text all photos required for acceptance to the tournament director for determination. The director will then reply back with acceptance or denial of the registered fish. This will be explained in great detail at tournament central during the mandatory rules meeting held on the afternoon prior to the first day of tournament fishing.


  • 30 (thirty) points for a 34 (thirty-four) inch fish. (Size limits and points will be adjusted higher or lower on some lakes with different size limits and regulations.)
  • 1 (one) additional point for each 1/4 (one-quarter) inch over said size limit.
  • Any measurement falling "between" 1/4 inch marks shall be "rounded down."
  • In addition, there shall be 10 (ten) BONUS points for a "GOOD RELEASE." A "good release" is defined as a musky released "upright and healthy."

Once a musky is caught, keep the fish in the water (either in the net or livewell). DO NOT put a fish on the floor of your boat. There shall be no further fishing by either Team member, until the Judgment of that fish is complete, and the release completed. Measurement may be taken with the fish’s tail "pinched."

There shall be a TEN-POINT DEDUCTION from the points scored for a fish that dies, in addition that team will also not receive the 10-Point "Good Release" Bonus. Should a fish die, that contestant shall be done for the day and the fish must be taken immediately to Tournament Central or a designated checkpoint before that contestant’s partner may resume fishing. The other team member may continue to fish thereafter. The contestant that is done may assist his partner, but MUST NOT be observed with a fishing rod of any kind in his hands, nor shall there be more than one fishing line in the water.

All teams are responsible for texting their photos, at the time the fish is caught, to the tournament director or turning in their fish forums and SD cards at the end of each day’s checkout procedure on the water. Failure to text your photos or turn in your fish forums and SD card at the end of the day checkout procedure on the water will result in those fish not counting for the tournament that day.


In the case of a tie in any of the PMTT qualifying tournaments and championship, the following methods will be used in the tie breaker, in the order they are listed, until the tie has been broken.  

  1. Whichever team catches fish first or on both days (both days overrides first).
  2. Whichever team has the largest one day (either day) point total of that tournament.
  3. Whichever team registered the longest fish of that tournament.
  4. Whichever team has registered the 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th, etc. longest fish of that tournament.
  5. Whichever team caught the longest fish first of that tournament.
  6. Whichever team caught the 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th, etc. longest fish first of that tournament.
  7. If at this point there is still a tie, it will then be determined with a coin toss.

Big Fish Award:

If there is a tie for the biggest fish award, the team that Caught their fish first shall win. If the fish were caught at the exact same time, the winners shall split the prize money.  


In the case of a tie in the TOP GUN Point Standings, the following methods will be used in the tie breaker, in the order they are listed, until the tie has been broken.

  1. Whichever team has the highest finishing place in a tournament that year.
  2. Whichever team has the largest total fish points in a tournament that year.
  3. Whichever team has the largest one day (either day) point total in a tournament that year.
  4. Whichever team registered the longest fish in a tournament.
  5. Whichever team has registered the 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th, etc. longest fish in a tournament that year.
  6. If at this point there is still a tie, it will then be determined with a coin toss.  

Top Gun Award:

If a tie occurs, this will determine the tiebreaker.

  1. The team that registered fish in the most qualifying tournaments shall be the winners.
  2. Still tied,the team with the largest individual tournament point total shall win.
  3. Still tied, second largest tournament point total wins and so on.
  4. Still tied, biggest fish through out the year wins. Then second biggest, then third, and so on until tie is broken.



Top Gun and Ranger Boats World Championship qualification scoring shall be as follows.  

  1. The first place team at any event receives 150 standings points. Each subsequent place receives one fewer standings point. (For example: 2nd place receives 149 points, 3rd place receives 148 points, etc.) Standings points will only be awarded for teams that place in an event by catching a legal fish. (i.e. if there are only 25 teams that catch legal fish, all the remaining teams shall receive no standings points.)  
  2. Each team will also receive 10 attendance points for competing at each event.
  3. Failure to catch a fish at an event will result in contestants receiving only 10 attendance points and zero standings points.   

The top 40 point teams, based on the Top Gun scoring system, accumulated throughout the year will be invited to compete in the Ranger Boats World Championship. To be eligible, you must have fished in at least two or more of the qualifying events and have registered at least one musky during one of the qualifying events, to be eligible to attend the Ranger Boats World Championship.

3-Day Fishing format for the Ranger Boats World Championship tournament. You must catch and register at least one 30" musky during the first 2 days of competition to be eligible to move on and compete in the third and final day. Everyone registering at least one 30" musky and is moving on to compete in the third and final day will carry over all of their points from the first two days. The total points accumulated from all three days shall be the winners. 

The starting positions for the Ranger Boats World Championship will be determined from the annual point standings. Whatever number you finish in the point standings after the last qualifying tournament will be your starting position for the Championship. It will be reversed on day two and then go back to the day 1 order for the teams remaining on the final day.

The qualifying event winners will not get an automatic invite to the championship. The event winners will be invited to competed in the championship only if they have competed in at least two of the qualifying events. They DO NOT need to be in the top 40 teams to receive an invite.

In case there is a tie for the last spot (# ), all tournament anglers that are eligible and are tied for the last spot, will be invited to the Championship. Yes, this would mean there could be a couple more than  teams total.


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