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2000 PMTT Cave Run Lake, KY Tournament Results
April 29th and 30th, 2000

Winners of the PMTT Cave Run Lake Tournament



1st Place - "Crash" Mullins & Bill Burns
$10,0000 First Prize plus $500.00 Big Fish Bonus
47 + 37
83 + 44 + 20=Total Points 147


Winners Notes:

Tournament ended at 1p.m..........at 12:30 this monster 47 1/4 inch Muskie came up on Crash's figure 8 but wouldn't hit! He said to Bill, "There He Is!" Now Bill is a long time pro at this and knew not follow his first instinct and look over the edge to see, for fear that he would spook him. Crash kept his lure in the water and sure enough he came around three more times on a figure eight. Bill turned to look as he witnessed those massive jaws open and chomp down a jointed Depth Raider. Crash was deep in the timber and did not want to risk losing him so he got him to the boat as quickly as possible. Bill slid the net under the fish and they knew the tournament was theirs!

Note: Thanks to Gina Mullins and the staff of Crash's Landing, Inc. Outfitters and Muskie Guide Post for all the help at this tournament.

2nd Place - Don Allison Sr. & Don Allison Jr.
47 3/4 " - 85+10=Total Points 95

3rd Place - John Stevenson & Randy Dustin
37 & 32 - 42+22+20=Total Points 84

4th Place - Bob & Kris Rockouski
39" - 50+10=Total Points 60

5th Place - Scott Flatt & Scott Worthington

35 1/4" - 35+10=Total Points 45

6th Place - Joe & Don Pestka

Super Slayer Tackle
35" - 34+10=Total Points 44

7th Place (Tie) - Larry Bensant & Dale Overbeck

34 1/4" - 31+10=Total Points 41

7th Place (Tie) - Ty & Tom Sennett
34 1/4" - 31+10=Total Points 41

9th Place - Bill Chapman & Jeff "Thrash" Miller
33 1/4" - 27+10=Total Points 37

10th Place - Joe Bukantos & Tom Sablutny
32" - 22+10=Total Points 32



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