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Lake St. Clair Tournament Results

There were 82 contestants, caught 125 fish of which 9 were of legal size.


  • 1st Place:  Art and Brian Thibert, Belle River Ont (50.5 Inches)
  • 2nd Place:  Bob and Kris Rockouski, Naperville, IL (48.25 Inches)
  • 3rd Place:  Les Gilewski & Eric Schmid, Chesterfield, MI (47.5 Inches)
  • 4th Place: Lee Powell, Vienna, WV & Fred Totten, Deer Brook, Ont. (44.5 Inches)
  • 5th Place: Dale Wiley, Ellwood City, PA, & Todd Young, Renfrew, PA (43.5 Inches)
  • 6th Place: Crash Mullins, Morehead, KY, & Bill Burns, Olive Hill, KY (43.5 Inches)
  • 7th Place: Vic and Chris Cretu, Warren, MI, (43 Inches)
  • 8th Place: Dave Grochowski, KY, & Gregg Thomas, French Burg, KY (42.5 Inches)
  • 9th Place: Ron Tempich, Belle River Ont. & Dave Scratch, Wheatley, Ont (42.25 Inches)



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